Which fields can I amend as a buyer?

These are the event setup items that can be changed during an ammendment. (If you just need to extend the Q&A Close Date, Event Close Date, or Sealed Bid Open Date, you do not need an amendment. Click Event Actions and select Extend Event for those options.)

Event Title – Yes
Event Type – No
Project – No
Event Number – No
Stage Title – No

Commodity Codes
Reporting Commodity Codes – Yes
Additional Commodity Codes – Yes
Force Supplier Invitation – No

Estimated Value – Yes

Bid Evaluation
Sealed Bid - No
Respond by Proxy - No
Cost per Quality Point - No
Best Value - No
Use Panel Questionnaire - No
Auto Score- No
Cost Analysis - No
Alternate Items - No

Allow Split Item Quantity in Evaluations – No
Enforce Minimum Price- No
Enforce Maximum Price – No

Display and Communication
Visible to Public - No

Release Date – No
Open Date – No
Close Date - No
Sealed Bid Open Date – No
Q&A Submission Close Date – No

Users - No

Description – Yes

Prerequisites – Yes, can delete and add new prerequisites
Buyer Attachment – Yes, can delete and add
Supplier Attachments – Yes
Questions – Yes, all
Additional Item Fields – Yes

Product Line Items – Yes
Service Line Item - Yes

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